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Howard-Carnes Christmas Card for 2009

Christmas 2009

From our House to Your House


Thank you for being curious and courteous, that is, for reading the following update on the Howard/Carnes/Mahoney/Curtis family, as pictured in living color above. Like death and taxes Christmas newsletters seem to be an inevitable part of our year-end celebration.

 Here in numerical order is the “skinny” on our family.

1.     Jessica Mahoney: senior at Williams College, graduating in June, majoring in Political Science and Chinese; spending Christmas in Switzerland.

2.     Benjamin Mahoney: 8th Grade at St. Paul’s School, Baltimore; taller, thinner, deeper voice this year; avid computer/XBox gamer.

3.     Gweneth Howard Mahoney: adjunct instructor at Towson University, in the field of child development, loving it; mother and organizer for two boys still at home.

4.     Teddy Mahoney: sprightly senior dog of the family, as attentive as his cousin Tappy when Pa is distributing dinner table treats.

5.     Jack Mahoney: senior at St. Paul’s, awaiting acceptance at the university of his choice, high tenor in his school choir.

6.     Betsy Howard Carnes: permanent sub at Bugbee School in West Hartford, artist in residence at 75 Fox Chase Lane, attentive cook, launderer, and organizer to two teenage boys.

7.     Barbara Howard: public school volunteer tutor, granddaughter and granddogs sitter, husband’s constant companion, gardener, cook, and you name it, she does it all.

8.     Bob Howard, Pa/Dad/Bob/Bobby: chauffeur, website maintainer, landscaper, handyman, occasional pastor, regular exerciser, Tappy’s boyfriend.

9.     Tappy Howard/Carnes: expanding her vocabulary daily, we expect her to speak in full sentences by year’s end; she never passes a morsel she can eat.

10. Henry Carnes: senior at Hall H. S., West Hartford, tutor, ski-boarder, avid XBox gamer, afternoon receptionist for a child day care program; in the throes of college admissions applications.

11. Craig Mahoney: sophomore at Connecticut College in New London CT; interested in pursuing a career in music technology.

12. Robert Carnes: senior at Hall H. S., co-captain of the track team (middle distance sprints), awaiting early admission decision to the college of his choice; XBox gamer; tutor; body-builder.

14. Sohani Curtis: four years old and long since ready to start school; sweet, bright, and very sociable, a dancer, her mom’s constant companion.

15. Kathryn Howard Curtis: massage therapist (shiatsu), yoga instructor, attentive mom, studying end-of-life therapy in Charlton MA.

16. Alanna Curtis: third grader in a Shrewsbury MA school; soldier in The Nutcracker; slender and tall like mom; smart, enthusiastic, helpful.

17. Steve Curtis: dad, composer (Sibelius program), elementary school music instrumental teacher; avid Patriots fan, summer housepainter, actor in The Nutcracker.


More than ever, even though it previously didn’t seem possible, we have come to know that the kingdom of God starts as it did in Bethlehem, with a family.  The reality of peace, love, and joy – just being able to recognize them when you see them – is a family affair.  If not there, then likely nowhere else.   So we keep the home fires burning… for God’s sake.  And our own.

 Bob and Barbara Howard

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