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Merry Christmas to You and Yours from Bob and Barbara Howard

Merry Christmas to You and Yours from Bob and Barbara Howard (2007)

  1. Teddy the venerable, 77 by a dog’s age, Gwen’s shadow, Howard’s summer rent-a-dog, who regards #8 with imperial indifference and from whom he is accorded submissive indifference.
  2. Brian Mahoney, senior partner of Calvert Street Capital Partners (Baltimore MD, in sight of Camden Yards), whom #7 calls “my son-in-law the capitalist,” doting Dad, admiring husband, avid golfer, Ireland island-owner.
  3. Gwen Mahoney, patient Mom to three at-home boys (home is in Cockeysville MD), supportive wife, adjunct instructor at Towson University, harpist, budding author, wide reader, and buffalo herd chronicler.
  4. Barbara Howard, matriarch, homeowner delighting in that status after nearly 50 years of living in a parsonage, teaser of and teased by two (#9 and #13) sixteen (soon) year olds, walker and neighborhood news coordinator, exerciser (with #7), gardener, and knitter.
  5. Sohani Curtis, whose constant smile radiates sunshine everywhere, two year-old talker with the mindset of a peacemaker, Mom’s (#6) constant companion, Dad’s (#11) favorite soloist on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”
  6. Kathryn (Kate or Kathy) Curtis, attentive Mom to two (#5 and #14) growing girls, yoga instructor, masseuse specializing in shiatsu, manager of a spic-and-span home in Shrewsbury MA, careful manager of a vegan clan.
  7. Bob Howard, patriarch, about whom you already know and have tolerated too much.
  8. Tappy (as in tapioca), twenty-four pound lap dog, who smells ice cream twenty feet away around corners, enthusiastic personal greeter to everyone in the family on their return home however brief the absence, who spends her evenings pawing #4 for a petting while they sit together in the recliner.
  9. Robert Carnes, Hall High sophomore, focused on electronic games, high average student, still limiting his diet to things white, like #10 a keen celebrant of every holiday, but especially Christmas, Mets and Falcons fan, 5’ 9” and still growing.
  10. Betsy Carnes, Mom to the twins (#9 and #13), artist illustrator extraordinaire, just completing her second painted cow this season, muralist, sub teacher at an elementary school, cook, laundress, dark chocolate connoisseur, an angel in W. Hartford who paints angels over Hartford.
  11. Steve Curtis, Kate’s helpmate, doting Dad to #5 and # 14, elementary instrumental music teacher in Southborough MA, avid sports fan (Patriots and Red Sox) gardener and fixer-upper for the house in Shrewsbury MA, composer of arrangements for young people’s bands, hoping for publication soon.
  12. Craig Mahoney, senior at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, busy applying to colleges, guitar player, tennis ace, tumbler (see him on You Tube), six feet and growing, electronic games aficionado, tall, dark, handsome, and quiet.
  13. Henry Carnes IV, sophomore at Hall High in W Hartford, long board enthusiast, still the tinkerer with everything mechanical, no longer small, good student, #8’s protector and tick-remover, Yankee and Eagles fan, house pyrotechnician, Mom and Grandma’s tease.
  14. Alanna Curtis, seven year old first grade student in Shrewsbury MA; still fond of purple, pink, and princesses; independent, verbal, with the face of an angel, big sister to #5, class social director.
  15. Jack Mahoney, sophomore at St. Paul’s in Baltimore, a wrestler who broke his nose three times (just like #7), six feet tall and still growing, insightful and perceptive about people, with a penchant for seeing the forest instead of the trees, excellent student.
  16. Jessica Mahoney, sophomore at Williams College following a summer in Beijing studying Mandarin Chinese, planning on spending a semester in Africa, still the avid reader and top-flight student, singing (but not acting) in a choral club at school, thinking of majoring in political science.
  17. Ben Mahoney, sixth grader at St. Paul’s, electronic game maven, still Brett Favre’s best fan (with Brett returning the favor with one of his best seasons), makes friends readily, no longer left behind by his big brothers and cousins, Lazer Quest sharpshooter, enjoying his status as the youngest of the household.

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