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Barbara's 80th Birthday

You've come a long way, baby.  It's only fitting, therefore, that we pull out the stops, turn up the volume, shoot off the fireworks, empty the bank account, and generally act more like we're eighteen than eighty.  We have.

Starting with Sunday, March 2nd, and a gathering of friends, near relatives, and neighbors.  Since it wasn't to be a surprise, Barbara, of course, spent most of the preceding week dusting, vacuuming, rearranging furniture, emptying waste baskets, and washing windows. Even the dog was groomed to frou-frou perfection. When Barbara's husband voiced his sense of guilt that it was to be her party and she had to do all the fussing, she graciously took the long view, that now she wouldn't have to do spring cleaning.

At 3 PM guests began arriving.  By 6 PM most of the French cuisine platters were emptied and the birthday cake eaten. 

At 4:30 PM the informal formal presentations were made.  Beginning with a trivia quiz put together by niece Janet Davis.  Here's the quiz. See whether or not you can get as many correct (ten) as daughter Gwen Mahoney. I missed, plum forgot, the number of the crowd she taught several years at PS 88 in Queens, and the number of parsonages graced before Bob came into her life.  

Barbara was also given a love letter, by the man to whom she has been the inamorata of fifty-nine years.

It was time for the birthday cake, sans candles, at Barbara's request, lest blowing them out she might spread germs on the icing (yes, that was her reasoning). Daughter Betsy and her friend Shawn played accordions and we alls sang "Happy Birthday" to the little girl in the high heels a few years distant from that early and charming photo.

More celebrations are on the way: Bermuda, March 12-16; and a girl's weekend out in late spring.

Plus, would you believe!, on June 18, 2015, "God willing and the creek don't rise," the little girl who's come a long way, baby, will celebrate once again, this time 60 years of wedded bliss.  Let me know if you want to be invited.

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