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The Baptism of Sophie Mae Dalland

The Baptism of Sophie Mae Dalland

It's a tale of two photos, plus an album more... beginning with the two, taken by Sophie's Dad.

Sophie is the first child of Michael Richard Dalland and his January bride, Jamisen Danielle Reynolds: see the report on the wedding on this website.

Standing where I had stood four times before, by a large rock on the lawn of the Dalland estate at Hinrichsen Heights, Coxsackie NY, overlooking the Hudson Valley twenty miles south of Albany, I officially led the gathered throng in welcoming into the Christian faith the newest grandchild of Dr. Edward and Mrs. Lynette Dalland.  The baby was beautiful, the family adoring, the weather perfect, the food ample and delicious, and the setting a continuing (well into its thirtieth year) project in rural beautification. Dogs, four of them, including our Tappy, roamed underfoot throughout the baptism and the afternoon... which, the roaming, was only appropriate on the grounds of a semi-retired veterinarian. 

At one o'clock we gathered beneath a large tent for potables and (mostly) Italian hors d'oeurves to meet and greet celebrants prior to the christening; and again following the anointing, the second time with a feast befitting the lord and lady of the manor... which lady did most of the cooking!  At 2:20PM Saturday, August 24th, I sprinkled the water of baptism, held in the family scallop shell, on the forehead of Sophie Mae Dalland, born July 1st to Michael Richard and Jamisen Danielle (nee Reynolds) Dalland in St. Peter's Hospital.   

The following sequence of photos with legends shows other related scenes of a beautiful Saturday afternoon in August in the Hudson Valley.


Prayer for Sophie

Dear kind Jesus, who welcomes children to your circle and sees what we donít always perceive, their guardian angels gathered at the throne of God, we thank you for little Sophie Mae.  In your love and mercy you have brought her into the light of day.  Difficulty and worry may have attended her birth, but by your grace, the loving care of her mother and father, and the skill of medical practitioners, she smiles among us this day.  Smooth the way ahead her.  Equip her with strength of body and spirit.  Fill her heart with love for you and compassion for all whom she meets along that way.  And count on us to be there for Sophie whenever needed or wanted.  Precious Sophie is to you and to us.  Bless her mightily, Lord and lover of little children.  Amen.

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