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Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Night 2006

Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Night 2006 (with a Valley Stream Bias)













    Herewith is a photo report of the "big event" last Tuesday (11/14) night at Russo's on the Bay in Howard Beach, Queens. Three people were honored, Robert Rigoroso, Walter H. Campbell, and John H. Cole.  Most of those who read this website will know the third of this trinity, The Rev. John H. Cole, pastor of Grace United Methodist Church, Valley Stream NY, and member of the BUMCH Board of Directors.  Some of you, especially those conversant with the political leadership of the Village of Valley Stream, will be interested to learn that Robert Rigoroso, who grew up in Lynbrook, is the nephew of Valley Stream's Deputy Mayor, Guido Cirenza.  I was very pleased with myself for informing a guest at the dinner, VS Village Clerk, Vinny Ang, of this Rigoroso-Cirenza connection.

    Among the features of this annual event are:

        1. A feast at Russo's on the Bay, with a decidedly Italian flavor.

        2. A sports memorabilia auction, items from which are bound to show up under the Christmas tree of a few residents from Valley Stream.

        3. Dancing of many varieties.

        4. Kind words about and from the three honorees.

        5. (For Barbara and Bob) Getting reacquainted with people we now see but once or twice a year.


       Notable for their absence in these photos are Polly Wheat, Laurel Brown, Joanne and Easton Hazell (for whom I do have a photo, in which, however, their faces are so obscured that no amount of tinkering with Photoshop 7 would help), and, of course, Bob and Barbara Howard. 

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