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Angels Over Hartford

Angels Over Hartford

    Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford CT, presented an Arts Fair this past September, asking members to provide their talent in the creation of works on the theme of angels.  Betsy painted this magical rendering of the theme. The original hangs in a corridor of the recently renovated parish house of the church.



Angels Over Hartford (Version 2)

    The original painting continues its blessed appearance in a corridor of the Asylum Hill UC Church parish house. One of the art aficionados present in September 2005 at the auction of the painting asked Betsy if she would paint for her another similar rendering of angels swarming over the Hartford cityscape.  This past week, January 2007, Betsy completed the painting, which, as magnificent as was the original, is even more splendid.  See for yourself; but, as you take a look, try to imagine a painting with dimensions of three feet by three feet.

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