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60th and 72nd Reunions

60th and 72nd Reunions

    On a Saturday night in early October Barbara and I braved tornado warnings (true, true!)to drive to my 60th reunion of the Forty-niners, Stamford (CT) High School.  The class reunes every five years.  We haven't missed a single one, from the early days at Laddin's Terrace where we danced until midnight, to this most recent celebration at The Italian Center, where 162 of us danced a little, talked a lot, and left for home by ten thirty.  Bobby prayed, of course.  I sat next to a cheerleader (Theresa DeVito Coddaire) and across from another (Louse Strelakos Simonson) while the current crop of orange and black cheerleaders did their thing... but no "Give 'Em the Axe."   Across the table from us sat '49's Best Looking and '50's Best Looking, Hank and Barbara Crutchley. 

    Paul and Dora Brown, with whom we have kept in touch, more or less, through the years, coordinated the reunion, no easy chore even though our graduating class of 565 now numbers less than 400. Had Paul's father arrived in Stamford as the Public Health Commissioner a year or two earlier, he would also be included in the 72nd Reunion of Hart School kindergarteners saluted below.

    When dentist Stuart Abrams reminded me of our first meeting, in Mrs. Moore's kindergarten class in September 1936, how I, the child of Republican parents, took exception to his Roosevelt pin, I decided to photograph the others who were there with us in 1936, plus a couple of others who joined our class the following year.   

    There were door prize drawings as the assembly adjourned.  I had already begun to leave, mumbling that there would be no need for me to stay, because "I never win anything."  Of course, this time I did, a one hundred dollar gift certificate for Shop Rite, the donation of a classmate who owns several of those stores, Sam Cingari.  I also took home with me prizes not available on a supermarket shelf, renewed friendships from long, long ago, treasures to be savored long after the last box of spaghetti or can of clam chowder has been consumed.

    Here's to old S. H. S., the school we love the best... Hart School too.



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