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Class of 1953 Fifty

Class of 1953 Fifty-Fifth Reunion

    Who'd a thought?  Fifty-nine years after entry into the Williams College Class of 1953, a numerous contingent of grads have not only survived but flourished.  Well, we knew we would flourish, but survival for fifty-five years wasn't very much in our minds that day Phinney handed us our diplomas.  Herewith is a mostly photographic report of the doings in Williamstown to celebrate the college's most congenial class, men (and spouses or significant others) who gladly jump at every excuse to get together, and whose reuning circle is always open to include those who have yet to sample its warm and convivial embrace.

    If you have rarely or never sampled your class' conviviality, consider this report your mandate to do so... beginning with this coming fall's mini-reunion, in Williamstown, the weekend of October 10-12.  We (all of those pictured above and below) will be looking for you.

    Three scheduled class activities filled the Thursday through Saturday festivities.  The three, of course, were dinners on consecutive evenings, preceded by the obligatory libations and followed by impromptu class business meetings, song fests, and an occasional joke. The photos which follow are arranged pretty much in consecutive sequence.

    A disclaimer at the outset: I earnestly tried to get a photo of each participant.  But I didn't succeed.  Apologies to Saturday night dinner hostess Daphne McGill; classmates Stu Jay, Mike Goldstein, and Seth Schapiro; and wives, Jill Robin, Paula Jay, Lucy Fetterolf, and Gerry Baker. Apologies also to Bob Bauer, Jim Truettner, Tim Robinson, Don Rand, and Sharon Tompkins for my failure to get more flattering photos of them.

    The conviviality began Thursday night at post-50 year class headquarters, Dodd House (the old Williams Inn), in a tent on the lawn.

    Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons Alumni Seminars on a wide variety of subjects were offered at the '62 Center (think AMT).  Friday afternoon Morty Schapiro presented a state of the college (great!) report.  Early Saturday morning one of our number went on the Bird Walk.  Guess who.  Another went for a three mile run.  Guess who.  Friday and Saturday afternoons a classmate sampled the cardio-vascular machines in Lasell gym's fitness rooms.  Guess who.  No need for anyone during the reunion to be triflingly employed... unless, of course, that was his wont.  Mostly, however, we "convived," reminisced, and, occasionally, pontificated. 

    Friday evening inside Dodd House the class enjoyed its second dinner together (breakfast and lunch were cafeteria style, also at Dodd).


    Saturday was, of course, the big day, the parade, the annual alumni meeting, and the Joseph's Coat Luncheon.   Note in the procession the reunion straw hats procured by Todd Mauck. 

    The crown jewel of a wonderful day at a splendid class reunion was the final gathering and dinner on the lawn at the McGill's in South Williamstown.  The wide and narrow photo at the top of this report was taken near sundown at Bob and Daphne's castle on a hill. If you didn't note at first glance at the class portrait, take another look and find Pete Connolly in an 1890 sporting pose. 

    Even the heavens conspired to enhance our day... with this bright benediction:


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