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A Preview of Coming Attractions

A Preview of Coming Attractions

    I have seen the future, and it blooms. 

    We celebrated Barbara's birthday with a spur of the moment trip to Philadelphia, for the annual Flower Show at the Convention Center.  The wife of a college classmate, Nancy D'Oench, was a judge of floral designs.  A neighbor, an ardent horticulturist with a fondness for the amaryllis, raved about the show.  So, on a sad journey to northern New Jersey we decided to drive a little further south to the City of Brotherly Love.

    Herewith are a few photos of that show.  They are offered as an encouragement to brave the next six weeks, come what may from Canada.  There were many orchids and cacti and exotic flora also at the show, but, after a sad day I was looking for the comfort of familiar garden flowers. 



    Let the moles tunnel, the rains pelt, and winter cling with an icy grip to the first weeks of spring!  Flowers are our future, and nothing will stop the blooming.

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