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15 Minutes of Fame

    That's how a friend described my current notoriety as a consequence of an article in The Hartford Courant last Saturday (July 2, 2005) entitled "Choosing a Church."  I've reproduced the article below.

    My sister-in-law commented on the photo that it's "not flattering."  The eyeglasses I always wear, except when sleeping, have transitional lenses.  Were I to have worn them for the photo shoot I would have looked like a latter day Carmen DeSapio, if not an ad for Foster Grant.  That's the stairway to the room over the garage in the background. 

    I understand better than ever before just how reporting is in the ear of the writer, that what is said, or thought was said, is inevitably filtered through the mind and experience of the writer.  She is enamored of large churches with lots of spontaneity in worship; and, I suspect, she perceived me as seventy-three year old white bread who needs to open his closed mind.  She was far too polite to say as much; but the direction of the article, beyond what can be read here, hints at her suspicion that I and the churches I have reviewed are passť.

    The upside of my 15 minutes of fame is the sudden spiking of interest in this website.  On Saturday, the day of publication, I got 780 hits.  The most previously was 450, when my church connections and Williams connections collaborated to push up the numbers.

    Several readers sent me Email.  Many of them invited me to review their church.  And, most interesting to me, is that many of the invitations come from churches outside the mainstream. 

    The day before the article was published, I sent the reporter a hyperlink to that essay on the website which directly answers the question she posed me, about choosing a church.  To no avail... the newspaper article must already have been printed.  And I doubt that she could have quoted me extensively: no editor would give me that much space.  But you may be interested in reading or rereading that essay, "From Butterfly to Bee..."  Just click on the following hyperlink:


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