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An Anchor and a Summons in the Aftermath of 9

An Anchor and a Summons in the Aftermath of 9/11

   God of these turbulent times, when surprise after awful surprise greets us with the daily news, we need a surer anchor to our souls than anything the world can offer, and then suddenly snatch away.  We look to you and to Jesus.  With heightened awareness we see the cross, the illumination of it and the promise of it. If we have forgotten the terror of evil, and perhaps we had, then keep us from ignorance of the power of your gracious love.  If we have overlooked those in other places who hunger for bread and their own place in the sun, and we have, then give us to hear again the summons of our Lord in the midst of human need.  If we have drifted into an easy course through life, long on comfort and short on service, and we probably have, then in the shadow of the cross infuse our souls with love like the love of Jesus to do good and noble and selfish deeds of kindness.  Then when we say as we have heard it said again and again in these turbulent times, that the world will never be the same again, it may resound as a declaration of your peace and your hope and your courage and your love for a world that will never ever get enough of those things.  In the name and for the sake of Jesus, your son our savior.  Amen.

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