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When Fear Roils the Land

When Fear Roils the Land


    God eternal, who leads us through time by the counsel of your Word in league with our wits, we need that counsel and our own smarts in this moment when our world has been shaken.  More than anything else we want the assurance that events are surely in your control, and that those who seek your righteousness and share your love will triumph, no matter the cost in crosses or tears.  In the company of Jesus infuse us with his peace, deep down in our hearts, thoroughly possessing our minds, that when things seem entirely out of sorts, as they often do, we may be those to whom others repair, for hope, for courage, and just for a respite from the evil roiling through the land.  Let others be the heroes.  Let others rally the energies of the citizens of this nation.  But, God, God  and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us be those who anchor the nation and the world to your way of seeing and doing, that from this moment of tumult and evil there may emerge on this globe a greater peace, a better understand, a more just and kinder order, not just for us, but for those who think themselves left out and behind.  We cannot do it alone, but with you to guide us and the Spirit to empower us, we can, for Jesusí sake, begin to make the difference.  In his name.  Amen.

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