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In the Knowledge of Our Not Knowing

 In the Knowledge of Our Not Knowing


   Holy God, so close and yet so far away, eternal and immediate, nowhere to be seen yet everywhere to be found, we know how little we know about everything when we find ourselves in your presence.  Have mercy on our unknowing.  Give us enough, but not too much, for our minds and hearts to grasp, about yourself and your purposes behind, through, and within the events that carry us along day by day, year by year, century after century.  And grant us the faith and the good sense to focus our energies of thought and feeling on Jesus, that in his company, immersed in his teachings, filled with his love, we may have enough to guide us surely through the time we have on earth, the better to arrive at least at the threshold of the eternal kingdom glad for the journey here and eager for the continuing adventure there.  Amen.

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