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Counting Our Blessings by Jesus

Counting Our Blessings by Jesus


    God, God of Jesus, the God whose name is Love, who created the stars and planets and galaxies and whatever lies beyond, yet who remembers each of us, children of your own, loved and cared for through and through, we count our blessings by you:

            Life itself, the vitality that rises within us, a gift to us, to bring us into being to share with you the joy and the goodness of our moment in the sunlight;

            Faith too, that fleeting certainty of our restless hearts, that persuades us to bet our lives on Jesus and his way in the world;

            Hope too, a major blessing, to pull us into the future unafraid assured that there no less than here you will be, inspiring our souls with the visions of the Fatherís House and the great banquet feast of heaven;

            Friends to hold us and help us and comfort us and cheer us and laugh with us and shed a tear or two with us, good loyal people, forgiving our faults celebrating our triumphs: they are the blessings that make the days fly swiftly by; and

            Jesus, our friend, our hope, on pioneer in faith, our way in life, we donít say it, though we may think it, for fear of making it sound we are too holy, but he is your best blessing, the best thing you ever did for us and everybody else.

            Thank you, God, for these major blessings: only let them flow not just day by day but moment by moment; in Jesus name.  Amen.

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