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To See the World Jesus

To See the World Jesus' Way 


    Jesus, sometimes itís hard for us to believe that love is what itís all about.  The world seems to teach us other lessons: that the prize goes to the strongest or the most ruthless; that if we donít think of ourselves no one else will; that giving away what we have to others is a sure way to be taken advantage of.  For itís not obvious to us, Lord, that the gentle spirited inherit the earth.  What it got you was a cross.  So when you tell us we must be like children, we take a step back, and wonder what on earth you could mean.  What we need is a transformation, a conversion of our perception of the world, to see it your way.  And committed to the certainty of love at the center of the universe, maybe we can delight in the consequences: a brother and sister at every turn, the flow back of kindness tenfold for every kindness done, the peace deep in our hearts for trying to do the right thing, the sense that our lives do indeed make a difference, a blessed difference, to those around us, plenty of laughter at our own foolishness, lots of joy in the success of others, and a world far more friendly and welcoming.  Jesus, help us to see it your way all the way every day and in faith the kingdom will come and Godís will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.

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