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The Hope of a Soul Disillusioned By Evil

The Hope of a Soul Disillusioned By Evil's Intransigence


    Jesus, who knows full well the glories and the deceits of the human heart, who is not surprised by our stupidities nor unbelieving of our heroics, center our souls in your teachings; that we in the time we have may take you seriously, softening the hard edges of our hearts, opening our vision to see the world through othersí eyes, reaching out with welcoming arms, finding the Fatherís presence in every corner of the creation, and dedicating ourselves to making the world your world, responsive to your leading and dedicated to your ways of love and mercy.  Begin, Jesus, with us, each one of us, converting our recalcitrant souls.  For we do know there has got to be a better way than humans have devised so far to manage our affairs.  And we are counting on you, even as you are counting on us, to be the vanguard of the kingdom, that there may be peace on earth, that greed may yield to generosity, that little children continents away afflicted with virulent disease may be cured, that hunger may be abolished, that oppression may cease; and that, through it all, because of it all, your name be praised. Amen.

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