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This corner of the website is devoted to the artistic work of Elizabeth (Betsy) Howard Carnes. It contains renderings of houses, churches, and other buildings in ink and watercolor, as well as paintings, drawings, and hand-painted furniture. In the event that you want to contact Betsy or would like to avail yourself of her talent, she may be contacted directly by Email at:

4/21/2013Still Life, Chart and Chairs
4/28/2012Grandpa and the Seagull, an illustrated children's story
6/9/2011Betsy's House Drawings
5/31/2011Hartford Scenes
2/25/2008Bathroom as Aviary
12/3/2007Cash Cow
9/25/2007Cow Cavalcade 4
9/25/2007Cow Cavalcade 2
9/25/2007Cow Cavalcade 3
9/25/2007Cow Cavalcade 1
9/4/2007Cow Parade II
3/8/2007Betsy's Candy Theme for a Bar Mitzvah
1/30/2007Angels Over Hartford I and II
4/16/2006Betsy's Alphabet Table
2/24/2006Skyline Princess
10/16/2005Betsy's Churches
7/16/2003Betsy Carnes' Drawings

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