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This corner of the website is devoted to personal matters, pictorial essays, mostly, about connections I enjoy that were, at most, only distantly related to my profession.

12/7/2015Christmas Letter 2015
12/12/2014Christmas Card 2014
10/5/2014Stamford High Shcool Class o 1949 65th Reunion
3/27/2014Scenes from a Holday
3/9/2014Barbara's 80th Birthday Party
12/14/2013Christmas Card 2013
12/13/2012Christmas Card 2012
1/13/2012My Birthday Parties
12/21/2011Christmas Card 2011
10/5/2011My Dodgers
7/8/2011Rhine and Rail, Out and Up
2/3/2011Our Trip to Florida
12/16/2010Christmas for the Ages
12/9/2010Christmas Card 2010
6/25/2010How I Got Into Williams
12/24/2009Christmas Card 2009
11/17/2009Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
10/13/200960th and 72nd School Reunions
10/7/2009Leaf Peeping at Peak, Barbara's Edition
10/6/2009Leaf Peeping
9/4/2009Our Trip to Spain
6/9/2009House and Gardens
1/19/2009My Junior Highs II, January 19, 2009
12/17/2008Christmas Card 2008
8/31/2008Glocca Morra
12/25/2007Merry Christmas Again
12/8/2007Christmas Card 2007
11/24/2007Ye Clams from Le Cirque
7/1/2007The Sentinel
5/24/2007For Austin, Another Visit to Shea
5/6/2007Another Tale of Two Cities
12/25/2006Grandsons: a Primer from Pa
12/8/2006Christmas Greeting 2006
10/12/2006Union Theological Seminary 50th Reunion
6/11/2006The Spouse's Reunion
6/5/2006Confirmation 2006
12/4/2005Christmas Card/Letter for Golden 2005
8/29/2005Housing Blimp
7/27/2005New Arrival: Sohani Dion Curtis
6/26/2005Golden Moments at Silvermine
2/22/2005Golden Caribbean
12/30/2004Baltimore and Other Places
12/10/2004My Miracle
12/9/2004Christmas Card 2004
7/17/2004Going Home
7/11/2004West Hartford LL Tournament Team 12 Year Olds 2004
5/21/2004Another Shaggy Dog Story
2/13/2004Remembering Rehabilitation
12/8/2003Christmas Letter 2003
11/30/2003Honey's Grandchildren
11/17/2003The Cow That Jumped Over the Moon... to the Stars
9/28/2003Charles Ives and Me
9/13/2003Wedding Bulletins
7/26/2003Yard Sale
7/4/2003Solemnizing of the Fourth
7/3/2003Welcome to Our Vermont Estate
6/24/2003Henry and Robert's Really Great Adventure
4/27/2003A Terrific Day in New Britain
2/25/2003The Dogs of My Life
2/18/2003The Blizzard of '03
2/16/2003Another Trip Down Memory Lane
1/29/2003What I Learned About My Mother Through My Daughter's Eyes
1/18/2003Follow-up on Tuesday at Walbaum's and Sunday at the Fish Church
12/21/2002Twin Blessings

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