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In this corner of the website you will find material from occasional pastoral duties, funerals and weddings.

12/4/2015The Wedding of Brenda Munson and Greg Rutherford
5/17/2015George Simmons Retirement
3/29/2014The Wedding of Eddie Roth and Mandy Howie
1/6/2014Wedding of Alexandra Enderle and LScott Panzarino
9/19/2013The Baptism of Sophie Mae Dalland
1/19/2013The Wedding of Jamisen Reynolds and Michael Dalland
11/10/2012The Marriage of Noelle L. Panzarino and Daniel J. Sjoberg
10/30/2012In Memoriam: Greg Ike
10/18/2012In Memoriam: Anthony Vastano
7/29/2012Tribute to John E. (Ned) Mahoney
6/23/2012The Wedding of Karen Kristin Petry and Gerald Desiderio
2/22/2011St. Cornerstone and Jim
9/10/2010Cindy and Norm, 75 and 50
9/4/2010In Memoriam: Signy Zetterstrom
6/12/2010The Baptism of Abigail Elizabeth Dalland
5/29/2010The Baptism of Ethan William Ruff
4/20/2010In Memoriam: Geraldine H. Wagner
3/28/2010In Memoriam: Ruth Dalland
9/27/2009Bob the Baptizer
6/28/2009Farewell Celebration on Pastor Albert Martin's Retirement
6/26/2009The Wedding of Jessica Cioffoletti and William Smyth
2/21/2009Remembering Austin Armitstead
12/1/2008Report on VSFD Service for George Kunz
9/27/2008The Wedding of Wendy Dick and Douglas Hastings
9/20/2008The Wedding of Linda Carolyn Passaro and Juan Camilo Schrader
8/20/2008Four Weddings and a Funeral... Plus a Baptism
7/4/2008The Wedding of Heather McKnight and Daniel Eggermann
4/6/2008In Memoriam: Edward S. Dalland, Sr.
3/4/2008In Memoriam: Mary Chu Moon
2/19/2008Sequel 2 to Amanda Gallagher and Brian Schweigert Wedding
2/9/2008Photos of the Wedding of Sandra McGregor and Zach Kreider
1/6/2008The Marriage of Suzanne Mahle and Timothy Leach
11/7/2007Honoring Bianca Nielsen Armitstead
9/16/2007Ruth Bushnell Funeral Service
7/31/2007Marriage Service for Karen Durgee and Eric Dalland
6/5/2007George's Piano
5/5/2007Sequel to the Marriage of Betsy Knice and David Aulisio
4/21/2007The Wedding of Linda L'Huillier and Anthony Bolognese
3/31/2007The Wedding of Leslie Nicole Coffman and Michael Joseph Rossello, Jr.
3/20/2007Sequel: the Birth of Donald Joseph Esposito
2/24/2007The Funeral for John Roger Howard
11/14/2006Brooklyn Methodist Home Dinner Dance 2006
9/17/2006Homecoming Sunday, September 17, 2006
8/6/2006A Salute to Two Nonagenarians
8/2/2006Sequel to the Marriage of Meredith Wilson and Robert Petry
7/8/2006The Wedding of Stephanie Dick and Bryan Fleming
7/4/2006The Marriage of Julia Y. Oweis and W. Todd Ruff
6/20/2006In Memoriam: Antonia Herweck
5/13/2006The Wedding of Tina Huang and Bernie Hsu
3/8/2006Sonja Petersen Mahle Funeral
2/11/2006Gladys Stewart Memorial
11/20/2005Baptism of Sohani Dion Curtis
10/15/2005The Marriage of Monique Helen Spiwak and William Peterman IV
8/19/2005The Marriage of Denise Hanner and Philip Passaro
7/9/2005Harold Starkey: A Sweet Sorrow
6/3/2005Joe Bergen Remembered
5/22/2005The Wedding of Barbara Lynn Dalland and Shawn Owen Turner
11/18/2004Bert Keller Remembered
11/12/2004Joan Hansen Remembered
9/3/2004The Wedding of Allison Elizabeth Starr and Joseph James Esposito
5/18/2004100th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album IV
5/5/2004100th Anniversary Photo Album III
5/2/2004100th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album II
4/25/2004100th Anniversary Celebration Candlelighting Ceremony
4/23/2004100th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album
4/23/2004100th Anniversary Celebration of Grace Church
3/9/2004Anne Dowling Remembered
11/18/2003Julianna NIchole Cook
11/5/2003Honoring Anne Dowling
10/25/2003The Wedding of Jessica Mahoney and Michael Fiermonti
10/15/2003In Memoriam: Theodore Libath
8/3/2003The Wedding of Caroline Donnelly and Albert Mandato
6/15/2003The Wedding of Stacey Lee Schweigert and Michael Atom Cook
6/8/2003The Wedding of Jennifer Casey and Douglas Morton, with Sequel
4/12/2003McGregor-Dymond Wedding
12/18/2002Helen Ledgerwood Davis (Three Tributes, Three Pictures, and a Prayer)
11/30/2002In Memoriam: Robert Roy Wright

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