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One of the visitors to this website, a fellow who knows as much and more than I do about prayers, suggested that I should expand and increase the number of prayers offered. Herewith you will now find the beginning of an archive of prayers with several different themes. The table graces and the occasional prayers remain. New prayers will be added from time to time. If you have a thought or concern or theme you would like lifted up, please contact me at, and I'll compose one accordingly.

6/9/2013Purple Prayers IV
10/21/2010Purple Prayers III
10/27/2009Purple Prayers II
12/22/2005Prayers for Christmas 2005
11/8/2005A Couple of Prayers before the Feasting, Williamstown MA, October 2995
5/3/2005Prayer for Pastors Who Preach in Their Prayers
10/18/2004Prayers for the Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 15 - 17
11/19/2003Prayer for Those Who Don't See Things My way
6/15/2003Purple Prayers
3/18/2003When a Friend Receives Bad News
11/5/2002Four Prayers to Jesus and One About Him
10/29/2002From the Iona Community
10/26/2002When We Don't Know How to Pray as We Ought
10/26/2002The Hope of a Soul Disillusioned By Evil's Intransigence
10/26/2002To See the World Jesus' Way
10/26/2002Counting Our Blessings by Jesus
10/26/2002In the Knowledge of Our Not Knowing
10/26/2002An Anchor and a Summons in the Aftermath of 9/11
10/26/2002When Fear Roils the Land
10/23/2002Occasional Prayers
10/23/2002Table Graces

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