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These "essays" aren't really essays so much as they are reflections on my life and times, events that grab me by the lapels, thoughts that just won't go away until they see themselves in print, and, of course, not a few of my pet peeves. My wife thought I might entitle them, "Travels with Bobby". Should you feel an irresistible urge to respond to any of my meanderings, please address them to my Email address:

12/10/2016Festival of the Incarnation
10/26/2016Growing Older
9/3/2016Labor Day 2016
8/4/2016A Message from the Kingdom
7/10/2016The Faces of a Yet Better Tomorrow
4/17/2016Jackie Robinson and Turning the Other Cheek
3/24/2016Easter Message 2016: Life... But What a Life
2/24/2016Loud Amen, Not a Last Hurrah
2/4/2016Locker Room 3
12/25/2015Christmas Day 2015
12/10/2015The Fluttering of Angels' Wings
11/22/2015The Kingdom Not the Caliphate
10/30/2015Prayer as a Scream of Our Humanity
9/3/2015The Tribute of an Old Lover of the Local Church
8/23/2015Aspirational Ministry
8/1/2015Grand Themes Not Petty Irritations
6/23/2015June 18 2015
5/9/2015Getting On and Over the Years
4/26/2015The Concentrated Mind
3/27/2015Al and Linda
3/15/2015Interim Report on Retirement
2/11/2015It's All Relative
1/25/2015My Life as a Gentile
1/16/2015There's a Wideness in God's Mercy... Never to be Forgotten
12/23/2014Christmas Undiluted
12/6/2014Locating the Divinity of Jesus
11/8/2014Cheap Hope
10/4/2014Discerning the Will of God
9/22/2014Correcting Spiritual Arithmetic
8/31/2014Faith in Ordinary Time
8/17/2014Octogenarian Ignominy
7/4/2014Belgian Beer Bottle and God's Mysterious Ways
7/1/2014Christian the Adjective
5/31/2014That's Entertainment
5/14/2014Our Tampa Bay Adventure
4/15/2014Good Friday
2/27/2014A Woeful Bias in the Pulpit
2/15/2014The Pastoral Art
1/22/2014Science and Religion
12/8/2013Where to Find Jesus at Christmas
11/19/2013The Latest Chapter in Growing Old
10/29/2013A Worrying Thought
9/28/2013From the Bottom of the Heart?
8/11/2013You Can Go Home Again - Sermon
7/30/2013In Defense of the Old Testament
7/19/2013A Happier Take on Being 80
7/10/2013Confession of an Only Child
5/30/2013When Nature Gets in the Way
5/17/2013Making the Most of the Time
4/18/2013No More Obscurity
4/8/2013Theodicy on the Fields of Play
3/24/2013The Donkey - Jerusalem, Rome, and Buenos Aires
3/4/2013Abandoned and Restored
2/20/2013The Diminishing Institutional Church
2/6/2013Suffering Indignity Badly
1/25/2013Incarnational Pastoring
12/25/2012Advent 2012 3 What Child Is This
12/10/2012Advent 2 2012 The Cross Is Reality... at Christmas Too
11/28/2012Advent 1 2012 Last Things
10/31/2012Ancilliary Talents
9/18/2012My Mutt and Mortality
8/30/2012The Road Taken Again
7/26/2012The Trouble with Liberal Protestantism
7/4/2012Delayed Gratification
6/5/2012Immoral Man in Moral Society
5/11/2012Lyrics to Better Than I
2/22/2012Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down
1/28/2012Church Morphing
1/6/2012Even Then We Knew
12/14/2011The Mess and God in It with Us
12/7/2011Sentimental Journeys
11/29/2011Great Performance, Lousy Theology
10/19/2011Soda Bottle Caps
8/25/2011Bobolinks and the Clash of Two Goods
8/2/2011Where Have All the Young Graduates Gone
7/16/2011My Crusade for Better Public Prayers Continues
6/18/2011My New Electronic Adventure
5/31/2011Renewal of Church Critiquing
5/25/2011What Clara Taught Me
3/30/2011Faithful or Fogy
2/15/2011Old Men
1/26/2011The Greatest
1/18/2011The Grands
12/22/2010Words of the Season
12/8/2010Putting Jesus in Christmas
11/12/2010Suburban War Zone
10/21/2010Mortality's Mellowing
9/29/2010Forgiveness, Required and Abused... and the Heart of the Gospel
9/10/2010Fear of Living
8/8/2010Clergy Burn and Bust Out
7/24/2010What a Church Needs to Do
6/13/2010Prayer and What Passes for Prayer
5/24/2010Christian, the Adjecrtive
5/8/2010Island of Dreams
4/25/2010The Concentrated Mind
4/12/2010From Bee to Butterfly
4/3/2010Lent 2010 #8: Saturday and Sunday
3/31/2010Lent 2010 #7: The Cross
3/28/2010Lent 2010 #6: The Turned Cheek
3/21/2010Lent 2010 #5: Chosen
3/14/2010Lent 2010 #4: When the Manna Stopped
3/7/2010Lent 2010 #3: Knowing Nothing
2/28/2010Lent 2010 #2: Counting Stars
2/21/2010Lent 2010 #1: The Outsider
2/6/2010Having a Purpose
1/26/2010Haiti and WJDTU
1/6/2010What Makes the Wise Men Wise
12/24/2009Where Less Is More
12/15/2009What Ails Us Always... and theTreatment
12/8/2009To Find the Larger Life
11/25/2009The Way It Is, Was, and Will Be, World with an End
10/27/2009Ordeal by Meringue
9/27/2009Be Careful What You Praise For
9/5/2009Bugs in Eden
7/20/2009Dumbing Down and Smartening Up
5/15/2009On Growing Old
5/3/2009Meditation of an Only Child
4/24/2009Ponzis and Me
4/9/2009Lent 6: Requiems
4/3/2009Lent 5: Showing Jesus
3/27/2009Lent 4: Salvation
3/21/2009Lent 3: Foolishness
3/12/2009Lent 2: Turning the World Upside Down
3/3/2009Lent 2009 I. Forty
2/18/2009Modern Miracles
2/5/2009The Methodist Cure for Executives' Excessive Compensation
1/19/2009Peter, Where Are You
12/19/2008Advent Gospel Lesson IV 2008: The Impossibe Takes a Little Longer
12/14/2008Advent Gospel Lection III 2008: Subtraction Is Addition
12/7/2008Advent Gospel Lection II 2008: Good News
11/30/2008Advent Gospel Lection I 2008
11/27/2008A Christmas Exhortation
11/15/2008Cut Poinsettias
9/17/2008Sunday Morning Indiscretion
9/11/2008My Junior Highs
9/10/2008Missing in Action
7/22/2008The Serenity Prayer
7/20/2008The Ladder of Success (a sermon)
6/25/2008Pride Goeth Before the Fall
6/17/2008Love Them All
5/27/2008Christians and the Holocaust
5/20/2008The Church and the World
5/8/2008The Evolution of a Title
4/30/2008The Intemperate Rev. Wright
4/15/2008An Old Grad's Valedictory
3/31/2008Some of My Favorite Latin Things
3/21/2008Stations of the Cross, Good Friday 2008
3/16/2008The Day of Misunderstanding
3/4/2008On Being the Anointed One
2/27/2008Degrees of Hardness
2/26/2008Demon Chocolate
2/18/2008HIstorical Loneliness
2/12/2008Lead Me Not into Temptation
1/21/2008Retirement 5.5
12/25/2007No Fountain of Youth
12/18/2007The Most Wonderful Day of the Year
12/13/2007The Birth of the Living Word
12/8/2007The Stranger
11/30/2007Publishing Glad Tidings
11/26/2007Preacher, Please, a Grinchless Christmas from the Pulpit
11/6/2007Investing in the Future
10/27/2007You Can Go Home Again
10/15/2007The Goodness of the Lord
10/5/2007Cautionary Note on Religion
9/26/2007The Last Gasp of Ecclesiastical Triumphalism
9/5/2007Another Media Misunderstanding of Things Religious
8/28/2007Mother Teresa and Faith
8/23/2007Courage and Vision
8/1/2007The Minefield
7/17/2007The Old Gray Stallion Ain't What He Used to Be
6/19/2007Grand Salami
5/22/2007Severed Heads and Strawberries
5/10/2007The Almost Unforgivable Sin
4/7/2007He Lives
4/4/2007The Vertical Dimension
3/20/2007Looking Out for Number One
3/17/2007Rough in the Diamond
3/7/2007On the Level
2/20/2007Big Fish Story's Lesson for Ash Wednesday
2/13/2007Pa's Boring Books
1/20/2007Hollywood and the Holy Spirit
1/9/2007The Wisdom (and the Courage) of Matthew 5:38-39
1/3/2007Tempus Fugit
12/18/2006Christmas, Essentials and Extravagance
12/11/2006Advent Preparations
12/1/2006Angels with Broken Wings
11/7/2006Ping-Pong Memories
10/28/2006Diamond and Pulpit
10/19/2006The Redder Maples
10/2/2006Haystack Commemoration
9/7/2006Green Cathedral
8/30/2006Bald Messiah?
7/21/2006War. Why?
5/27/2006The Locker Room
5/11/2006The Language of Sacrifice
5/6/2006Mountainous Molehills
4/16/2006Dandelions in the Pastures of Heaven
4/3/2006An Impious Inquiry
3/7/2006A Preview of Coming Attractions
3/4/2006Passing the Buck... and the Joy
2/27/2006Discerning Patterns
2/20/2006The Woods, a Meditation on Nature Close at Hand
2/16/2006The Woods
2/2/2006Another Good Sermon
1/21/2006Pat Robertson's Problem
1/13/2006Lost Stature
1/6/2006The Pain in My Pastoral Heart
12/25/2005Just What I Wanted?
12/16/2005Christmas, a Celebration of Life
12/5/2005The Missing Ham Sandwich
11/10/2005The Christian Right
10/13/2005A Father's Elegy
8/29/2005Albrecht Durer, Eat Your Heart Out
8/14/2005Preacher's Holiday
7/20/2005One Reader Less
7/6/200515 Minutes of Fame
7/1/2005A Very Good Sermon
6/26/2005Taking Stock et al
6/15/2005Too Much Religion
6/6/2005Jesus, My Star, My Sun
5/11/2005The Ambiguity of Miracles
4/24/2005Trial by Delta
4/5/2005The Best Preacher of Our Time
3/27/2005The Empty Tomb
3/21/2005The Cross
3/10/2005Paper Tiger
3/7/2005The Face of Evil
1/28/2005When Good News Is Bad
1/21/2005Mergers on the King's Highway
1/9/2005Casting Bread Upon the Waters
12/24/2004What Sweeter Music
12/18/2004Always Room at the Manger
12/9/2004Barn Redux
11/25/2004The Dark Side of Adulation
11/24/2004The Dark Side of Adulation
11/13/2004Moral Values
10/28/2004Life in Red Sox Nation
10/13/2004Mine Enemy Grows Older
8/28/2004The Other's Mind and Heart
8/13/2004Green Mountain Madness
7/26/2004Ramblin' Rector
7/20/2004A Fly in the Chancel
6/23/2004Baldilocks and the Three Beds
6/13/2004Me Methuselah
6/6/2004Catching Critters
5/25/2004Priest Charming
4/25/2004A Patriotic Journey
4/15/2004Snake Handling (Again!)
4/11/2004Where Was Jesus When the Lights Went Out
4/11/2004Sightings, an Easter Sermon
3/22/2004Theatrics in the Pulpit
3/15/2004Angels' Broken Wings
3/9/2004Victim or Victor
2/23/2004The Pain of the Cross
2/18/2004Thank You, Tappy
2/9/2004Shocking Discoveries about an Ancient Faith?
2/3/2004How I Was Spared the Indecencies of Halftime
1/25/2004An Outsider's Critique
1/22/2004The Sacred Hour
1/16/2004A Life Unlike Most Others, But Please Spare the Sugar
1/9/2004A Rose Not So Sweet
1/5/2004Involuntary Indolence
1/4/2004Twin Oaks, Their Rise, Fall, and Rehabilitation
12/25/2003Catalysts for Life
12/23/2003The Ordeal and Getting Through It
12/22/2003Cousin Cindy and Roommate John
11/29/2003The Stories We Tell
11/13/2003Out of My League
10/21/2003Menage a Quatre
9/28/2003Christ Is the Question
9/21/2003Charles Ives and Me
9/15/2003Interim Report on Retirement
9/5/2003Uncivil Civil Religion
8/31/2003Pulpit Plagiarism
8/25/2003The Triumph of the Common Man
8/11/2003Six Volvos
7/20/2003Coming to the Point... with Second Thoughts
7/11/2003Considering the Lilies
5/27/2003For the Birds
5/21/2003Murder by Coffee
5/12/2003Mothers Don't Sacrifice
5/5/2003Watching the World Race By
4/8/2003The Wandering Christian
4/2/2003Pastor, Are You Listening to Yourself?
3/10/2003The Art of Public Prayer
3/5/2003Lenten Ritual
2/26/2003From Butterfly to Bee: How to Find a New Church Home and Make Your Family Part of It
9/10/2002If I Were a Bishop

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