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Continuing a feature neglected for the past several years. Previous reviews are now listed under Review Archive.

Halo Ratings

ONE HALO - The hour would have been better spent reading the paper

TWO HALOES - Faithful, but not particularly engaging

THREE HALOES - Faithful, with real possibilities for being a truly rewarding experience

FOUR HALOES - Faithful, equipping the soul and mind for a week of life and witness

FIVE HALOES - A transport to the throne of heaven

10/23/2014Memorial Service for Estelle Jackson
5/13/2012The Congregational Church of New Canaan 5 Halos
2/5/2012The Congregational Church of New Canaan
9/11/2011The Second Congregational Church, Greenwich CT
5/29/2011First Church of Christ, Congregational Farmington CT 3.5 Haloes

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