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Seven and a half years out of pastoral harness I find myself still engaged with those whom I have shared life and love, prayers and sermons,joys and sorrows throughout nearly fifty years. This feature of the Critical Christian website acknowledges the depth of affection and commitment the pastoral role can establish. On this page you will find news of "the family," people whom Providence has brought into my arms and heart and I into theirs. It will be updated - i.e., added to and deleted from - on a regular basis. As new items are added, you will periodically be alerted to their presence.

10/24/2012Update, October 24, 2012
12/4/2011Update December 5, 2011
9/10/2011Update September 10, 2011
7/27/2010Update July 26, 2010
7/19/2010Update July 17, 2010
5/19/2010Update May 19, 2010
3/26/2010Update March 26, 2010
3/9/2010Update March 9, 2010
2/17/2010Update February 18, 2010
1/30/2010Update January 28, 2010

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