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Here are eleven chapters of the book on the pastoral ministry I began twenty-five years ago, eight chapters from then, plus three brand new from now. The title has yet to be determined. But I am more and more inclined to using the phrase to which I find myself referring again and again, "The Effective Pastor." As you read through the chapters, perhaps you can come up with a better title. And you can, if you will, suggest to me other aspects of the pastoral ministry not covered in these chapters.

10/26/2008Chapter 13. The Bible, the Church, and Giving
1/24/2008Chapter 12. Going the Second Yard
3/15/2003Chapter 11. The Saving Grace of a Sense of Humor
3/10/2003Chapter 10. The Good Shepherd and the Christian Menagerie: on the Necessity of Strong Pastoral Leadership)
2/15/2003Chapter 9. The Loyal Rebel
2/14/2003Chapter 8. Teller of Tales and Maker of Metaphors
1/8/2003Chapter 7. Having an Answer
12/5/2002Chapter 6. The Serpent in the Dove
11/15/2002Chapter 5. The Quixotic Strategy
10/31/2002Chapter 4. The Democratic Assumption
10/18/2002Chapter 3. A Toughness of Temperament
10/3/2002Chapter 2. The Professional Christian
9/29/2002Chapter 1. Pastoral Leadership: Problem and Solution

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